Tensioned Fabric Shade Sails

Tensioned Fabric Shade Sails

Tensioned fabric shade sails from Window Shading Systems are made from an inherently fire retardant Lyrca-based fabric that exceeds the requirements for soft furnishings. The design eliminates hard fixings so the sail can be washed in a domestic washing machine as often as required. The Sails are put into place using eye plates, screws and swivel hooks. The Shade Sails can be attached to virtually any surface, including wood, plasterboard and UPVC.

They can be unhooked and taken down and then replaced quickly and easily at any time, are inherently fire retardant, can be cleaned in a domestic washing machine and can be refitted after the spin cycle. They can stretch up to 30% in any direction to cover larger areas or easily formed into dynamic 3D shapes to create a more dramatic space or sculptural focal point, yet remain smooth and taut. At night they can be back-lit with artificial lights or used as a projection screen for vibrant lighting effects.


Tensioned Fabric Shade Sail Features

  • Contemporary dramatic design
  • A collection of colours to suit every palette
  • Multiple sails to cover large areas
  • Stylish, creative and eye-catching 



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