Strand and String Curtains

Strand and String Curtains

Strand and String curtains are an amazing and stylish concept for window or wall treatments, space dividers, architectural accents, lighting fixtures, stage backdrops and exhibition displays.

We only use commercial grade quality materials which should not be compared with cheap alternatives. String Curtains are a modern and up to date idea that can also be used as a room divider in restaurants or homes to create split areas. Our Strand Curtains work in a similar way to any voile window covering.

Strand and string curtains promote privacy, add design effect and softness to your window and are available in many different colours. They can be made using a standard wave curtain heading or why not have them made in flat panels that stack on each side of the window?

So if you are looking for quality washable products why not get in touch to discuss the options.


Strand and String Curtain Features

  • Contemporary neat design
  • A collection of colours to suit every palette
  • Great for commercial or residential projects
  • A creative solution for dividing large work areas
  • Stylish, creative and eye-catching window treatment 



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