Somfy TaHoma

Somfy TaHoma

Somfy TaHoma is the perfect smart home solution. It puts you in control, makes your life easier, more comfortable and gives you peace of mind, wherever you are. Monitor and operate blinds, curtains, lights, electrical equipment, heating, garage doors and gates with your smartphone or tablet. You can adjust everything about the Somfy Smart Home System to accommodate your personal preferences and you can monitor and operate it from anywhere in the world. Keep an eye on your home using cameras and movement detectors for home surveillance, for great peace of mind.

Somfy TaHoma is a smart box and the heart of your Smart Home. It links you to your home via the smart TaHoma app. Somfy Smart Home solutions are extremely easy to use and can be installed with very little trouble. You can add products whenever it suits your needs or your budget. Somfy Smart Home gets the most from your home with the least possible effort.


Somfy TaHoma Features

  • Easy to install, no need to break walls or lay cables, all products are wireless
  • Easy to use, with an intuitive user interface designed with and for users
  • Instant access to your home, wherever you are in the world. If necessary, a warning message to your phone alerts you to check on your home and deal with unexpected incidents
  • Create your own scenario's with multiple products that suit your way of life or let your home react automatically to the (weather) circumstances by using sensors
  • Multiple brands: Add products from Somfy partners to make your smart home even more complete: Philips Hue lights, Thermostats (Honeywell and Danfoss), Airconditioning (Hitachi) and Velux roof windows   



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