Remote Controlled Window Blinds

Remote Controlled Blinds

Remote controlled blinds by Window Shading Systems use radio technology, there is no electric wiring between the motor and the control. Commands are transmitted via radio waves, even through concrete walls. Whether you would like to control a single blind or a group of blinds Window Shading Systems will have the perfect remote control for you. 


Single-Channel Remote Controls

  • Suitable for all electric blinds
  • Allows you to control the position of an individual blind
  • Or lets you control a group of blinds to the same position

Multi-Channel Remote Controls

  • Allows you to control up to 16 different channels
  • Lets you raise and lower individual blinds independently
  • Can also control blinds in zones or in groups


Any questions about our range of blinds and control options? Feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you with professional answers and advice. Otherwise, simply click the request a quote button below, complete your details, and we will send your free quote direct to your inbox.


PowerView Pebble Remote Control

PowerView - Pebble

The Pebble Remote Control offers a modern alternative to a traditional remote control, allowing you to preset and easily operate up to six different groupings of window treatments.

Lutron Pico Remote for Blinds

LUTRON - Pico Remote

Adjust lights, shades, or audio from anywhere with a Pico wireless control. This versatile and easy-to-use control requires no wires and is compatible with a wide variety of Lutron lighting, automated window treatment solutions, and audio systems.


Somfy Telis 4 Modulis Remote Control

SOMFY - Telis 4 Modulis RTS series

The Telis 4 RTS multi-channel remote control with the addition of a scroll wheel. With the scroll wheel, you can precisely adjust your Venetian blind slats. Operate up to 5 blinds or group of blinds. Available in 4 finishes (patio, pure, silver and black)

QMotion 5 Button Single Channel Remote

QMotion - 5 Button Single Channel Remote

Simple single group transmitter with LED feedback and magnetic back for wall storage. This basic remote control is built to make QMotion use simple and offers three intermediate positions in addition to Up and Down.