Motorised Electric Panel Blind

Motorised Electric Panel Blinds

Panel Glide Blinds

This new and innovative shading solution is perfect for larger windows and patio doors as they look extraordinary in both contemporary and traditional interior design schemes.

Hanging from rails, the panel track comes in 10 configurations allowing even wide rooms and windows to be screened effectively. Panel Glide Blinds have vertical sliding panels which effortlessly part with the pull of a cord with an option to motorise. Opening up a room or screening in an area can now be done both quickly and stylishly.

Choose sleek white panels for a contemporary and minimalist look or introduce colour in one, two or more panels to compliment your existing scheme.

Panel Fold Blinds

This unique sliding panel system creates stunning effects through the folding of panels to make a 3-D shape. A mono-control bead chain operation is used for folding and unfolding as well as opening and closing in one action; each system can carry up to 8 panels. Panel Fold Blinds, depending on the total system width can be selected in three different size ranges.

Power options for panel blinds are mains or battery. Battery powered panel blinds offer the advantage of eliminating running or unsightly cables whilst reducing the electrical cost incurred during installation.

Basic blind control options for our panel blinds range from simple remotes, wireless wall switches and timers. For complete home automation, advanced blind control options are also available including Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


Available in

  • Privacy
  • Sheer
  • Blackout


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