Triathlon roller shades from Window Shading Systems



Triathlon roller shades from Window Shading Systems are a contemporary and stylish battery powered window blind that combines superior functionality with a clean and elegant aesthetic. Shades are controlled with a Pico wireless control or intergrated into a whole home system. The designer hembar style offers a clean feel that compliments the chic look of the roller shade panel. The innovative headrail simply tips forward to reveal the battery tray - without taking the shade down so changing battries is a simple and painless process. Triathlon shades can be powered by battries, plug-in power supplies, or power panels.


Battries are a cost-effective option that guarantee easy maintenance. Battery powered shades are the best choice for applications that require a wire-free solution (such as French doors), making these shades ideal for any phase of the construction or renovation process.

Plug-in power supply

A plug-in power supply is convenient when shades are installed in a hard to reach area.

Power panels

A power panel can be used to power up to 10 shades, and is ideal for installations during renovation or construction.

Why choose Lutron Triathlon?

Industry leading battery performance
Easy to change the battries
Ultra reliable radio frequency technology
Quite, precise movement
Seamless intergration with most major smart home systems
Available in a wide variety of beautiful colours, fabrics and textures