Fractions Window Shutters

Fractions window shutters offer a whole new dimension to determine light entry and atmosphere in your home. In a playful way, the light or view can be changed in no time. The unique, stylish design makes Fractions shutters extremely suitable for giving the room a modern and stylish atmosphere. The sleek panels are a real eye-catcher, the high-quality material is durable and creates a luxurious look.

Fractions Shutters can be fully opened and closed by using the so-called 'blind' hinges. By making the light slots larger or smaller, the light and the sense of privacy are manipulated. You always create the atmosphere yourself again!


Fractions Shutter Features

  • The panels can be mounted very close to the window
  • No flat slats, so no dirt and dust (maintenance friendly!)
  • Easy assembly
  • Suitable for both dry and wet areas
  • High-quality, durable, scratch-resistant powder coating paint layer
  • High-quality, recyclable aluminum
  • Available in over 100 stylish colours


Visualize yourself at home in 3d

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