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QMotion Battery Blinds

Battery-Powered QMotion Blinds and Curtain Poles - No Wiring Required

Experience wireless battery blind technology with QMotion - the world's leading battery-powered blind and curtain pole range. Featuring near-silent operation and seamless home automation integration, QMotion wireless battery blinds bring groundbeaking and innovative technology to your home or office.

Unlike other battery powered blinds, the batteries fit inside the blind making for and easy to change power storage with no wires. The alkaline D cell batteries typically last 5 years from full charge (average 4 uses a day) and are rechargable.

Easy to use and highly customisable control options, ranging from QMotion's own multi-channel remotes to a simple iOS and Android app are available. With custom drop lengths and motion activated channel indication, QMotion blinds are truely a high quality solution to automating your home shading.

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QMotion Blind


Battery Powered Roller Blinds with the power for larger blinds.
QMotion Blinds iPhone Controlled

Qmotion Battery Powered Curtain Pole - Watch the Video below.


Bi-Fold Door Blinds

QMotion Battery Roller Blinds are the ideal choice for Bi-Fold Doors because with us using the Q Link Couplers we can couple 3 Blinds up to 1.6 meters width each, using just 1 Battery Motor, a good way to save and no wiring required. See Linked Shades - QLink Below

Control Options

Along with the newest and most innovative control technology, QMotion UK shades can interface with nearly all Home Automation systems either new or existing within your home. They have developed the following accessories to make interfacing as easy as possible. 

QMotion Brochure

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QMotion Brochure
QMotion Blinds
QMotion Blinds 2
QMotion Blinds 3

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