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Window Shadings

Electric Roman Blinds

Motorised roman blinds from a choice of hand sewn fabrics

Electric Roman Blinds

Electric Roman Blinds are an excellent choice for where a soft window furnishing is required and often the designers choice. As they are so versatile, they are suitable for use in your home or office. They come complete with a compact and discreet head rail. Available in either manual with an endless bead chain or motorised remote control with a full range of control options, we can integrate with all smart home and office automated systems. All of our Electric Motorised Roman Blinds are custom made and hand sewn. We offer an extensive collection of fabrics, including beautiful naturals, contemporary and cloths in varying patterns and transparencies. They are available both lined and blackout lined and are finished to the highest of standards using the latest in manufacturing methods

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Smart Devices IntegrationWe can integrate our systems with iPad and iPhone control and via the internet.



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