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Electric Blackout Blinds

Electric Blackout Blinds are are perfect choice for rooms where you need a window shading system that eliminates light completely. Electric Blackout Blinds for use in the home, office or boardroom Motorised Blackout Blinds are perfect for preventing 100% of the light from outside from entering through the window. Also promoting energy saving qualities, as the air is trapped between the window pane and the cloth, insulating the room. Noise is considerably reduced as the blind has a double-glazing effect and the room is therefore protected from the effects of the ailments outside. Remote Control Blinds a single blind can be worked from a single motor, or several blinds linked and operated as a group. The motorised option is great for those hard to reach places or skylights that would otherwise have to remain in a fixed position. There is a full and varied range of fabric colours, available for use with this system of motorised blinds.

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Smart Devices Integration

We can integrate our systems with iPad and iPhone control and via the internet.


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Our motorised blackout blinds can be fitted with the quietest motors available on the market offering  37db for whisper quiet operation. The motors are incorporated into an enclosed head box and come complete with side channels for 100% blackout. Fabrics are fitted with a zip system which locates into the side channel keeping the fabric taught over 100% of the drop, unlike other systems on the market. Options include a radio controlled motor, Lutron QS motor or our latest S drive motor with integral Wifi for direct iPhone & Android control with no additional control equipment required.

Electric Blackout Blinds



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