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Amazon Alexa control for Window Shading Systems

The brand-new Alexa DOT integrates perfectly with Window Shadings products. Once you have chosen your stylish curtains or blinds from Window Shadings, why not take advantage of our latest smart technology by seamlessly integrating Alexa and automating the process.

Our cutting edge technology enables you, family and friends to operate your curtains, blinds and even room temperature in your home by simply using your voice.

Window Shadings also offer mobile and tablet integrated automation. With complete control from the touch of a button or simply by using your voice, you can function your home in the most convenient and modern way!

  • Brand new technology
  • A sleek, effortless and professional addition for your home or office
  • Your property or office will become modernised
  • Perfect for the bedroom – why get out of bed to open the blinds when Alexa can do it for you?


Say goodbye to daylight with quality gapless blinds from Window Shading Systems



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